Genome-wide evolutionary and functional analysis of the Equine Repetitive Element 1: an insertion in the myostatin promoter affects gene expression

Article English OPEN
Santagostino, Marco ; Khoriauli, Lela ; Gamba, Riccardo ; Bonuglia, Margherita ; Klipstein, Ori ; Piras, Francesca M. ; Vella, Francesco ; Russo, Alessandra ; Badiale, Claudia ; Mazzagatti, Alice ; Raimondi, Elena ; Nergadze, Solomon G. ; Giulotto, Elena (2015)

Background In mammals, an important source of genomic variation is insertion polymorphism of retrotransposons. These may acquire a functional role when inserted inside genes or in their proximity. The aim of this work was to carry out a genome wide analysis of ERE1 retr... View more
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