Characteristics of the Operational Noise from Full Scale Wave Energy Converters in the Lysekil Project : Estimation of Potential Environmental Impacts

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Haikonen, Kalle; Sundberg, Jan; Leijon, Mats;
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Elektricitetslära
  • Journal: volume 6,issue 5 5,pages1-21issn: 1996-1073
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  • Subject: Teknik och teknologier | direct driven wave energy converter | environmental impact | Engineering and Technology | Technology | renewable energy | T | underwater noise | direct driven wave energy converter; underwater noise; environmental impact; renewable energy
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Wave energy conversion is a clean electric power production technology. During operation there are no emissions in the form of harmful gases. However there are unsolved issues considering environmental impacts such as: electromagnetism; the artificial reef effect and un... View more
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