Electron Pathways through Erythrocyte Plasma Membrane in Human Physiology and Pathology: Potential Redox Biomarker?

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Matteucci, Elena; Giampietro, Ottavio;
  • Publisher: Libertas Academica
  • Journal: Biomarker Insights,volume 2,pages321-329 (issn: 1177-2719, eissn: 1177-2719)
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  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC2717806
  • Subject: Uremia | Type 1 diabetes | Na/H exchanger | Plasma membrane oxidoreductase | R5-920 | Medicine (General) | Original Research | Diabetic nephropathy | Human erythrocyte

Erythrocytes are involved in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Since pH is the influential factor in the Bohr-Haldane effect, pHi is actively maintained via secondary active transports Na+/H+ exchange and HC3 -/Cl- anion exchanger. Because of the r... View more
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