publication . Article . 2010

Surface polishing positively influences ease of plate and screw removal.

Cw, Archer; Js, Hayes; Ai, Pearce; Sg, Pearce; Robert Richards; Seidenglanz U;
Difficulties removing temporary fracture fixation devices due to excessive bony on-growth results in extended surgical time leading to excessive blood loss, debris contamination and potentially refracture. Commercially available locking plates and screws are manufactured for clinics with a micro-rough surface, which contributes to the excessive bony on-growth reported. We have applied polishing technology to commercially pure titanium locking compression plates (LCP) and titanium-6%aluminium-7%niobium (TAN) plates and screws to assess if it can alleviate problems with strong bony overgrowth. Samples were implanted for 6, 12 and 18 months in a bilateral sheep tib...
free text keywords: implant removal, in vivo, locking compression plate, screw removal, commercially pure titanium, titanium-6%aluminium-7%niobium, Surgery, RD1-811, Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, RC925-935
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publication . Article . 2010

Surface polishing positively influences ease of plate and screw removal.

Cw, Archer; Js, Hayes; Ai, Pearce; Sg, Pearce; Robert Richards; Seidenglanz U;