Targeting Neutrophilic Inflammation using Polymersome-Mediated Cellular Delivery

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Robertson, James D.; Ward, Jon R.; Avila-Olias, Milagros; Battaglia, Giuseppe; Renshaw, Stephen A.;
  • Publisher: American Association of Immunologists
  • Journal: The Journal of Immunology Author Choice,volume 198,issue 9,pages3,596-3,604 (issn: 0022-1767, eissn: 1550-6606)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1601901, pmc: PMC5392731
  • Subject: Innate Immunity and Inflammation | Animals, Animals, Genetically Modified, Apoptosis, Cells, Cultured, Cyclin-Dependent Kinases, Drug Delivery Systems, Fish Diseases, Humans, Inflammation, Interleukin-8, Liposomes, Microscopy, Fluorescence, Microspheres, Neutrophil Activation, Neutrophils, Polymerization, Purines, Zebrafish

Neutrophils are key effector cells in inflammation and play an important role in neutralizing invading pathogens. During inflammation resolution, neutrophils undergo apoptosis before they are removed by macrophages, but if apoptosis is delayed, neutrophils can cause ext... View more
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