Maximum principles for boundary-degenerate second-order linear elliptic differential operators

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Paul M. N. Feehan;
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We prove weak and strong maximum principles, including a Hopf lemma, for smooth subsolutions to equations defined by linear, second-order, partial differential operators whose principal symbols vanish along a portion of the domain boundary. The boundary regularity prope... View more
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    Choose vε = u1 − εwε and observe that vε ∈ H01(O ∪ Σ, w) and vε ≥ u1 − uˆw ≥ u1 − uˆ = u1 ∧ u2 ≥ ψ a.e. on O.

    (5) If u1 and u2 are solutions, respectively, for F1 ≥ F2 and ψ1 ≥ ψ2 a.e. on O, and g1 ≥ g2 on ∂O \ Σ in the sense of H1(O, w), then O Z

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