Oral microbiota species in acute apical endodontic abscesses

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Noelle George; Erin Flamiatos; Kellie Kawasaki; Namgu Kim; Charles Carriere; Brian Phan; Raphael Joseph; Shay Strauss; Richie Kohli; Dongseok Choi; J. Craig Baumgartner; Christine Sedgley; Tom Maier; Curtis A. Machida;
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  • Journal: Journal of Oral Microbiology,volume 8 (issn: 2000-2297, eissn: 2000-2297)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/jom.v8.30989, pmc: PMC4794734
  • Subject: Endodontic abscesses, oral microbiota, human oral microbial identification microarrays, anaerobic oral microorganisms, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Streptococcus cristatus | oral microbiota | Microbiology | QR1-502 | Original Article | RC109-216 | human oral microbial identification microarrays | Infectious and parasitic diseases | Fusobacterium nucleatum | Streptococcus cristatus | endodontic abscesses | anaerobic oral microorganisms
    mesheuropmc: stomatognathic diseases

Background and objectives: Acute apical abscesses are serious endodontic diseases resulting from pulpal infection with opportunistic oral microorganisms. The objective of this study was to identify and compare the oral microbiota in patients (N=18) exhibiting acute apic... View more
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