Hypermethylation of MIR21 in CD4+ T cells from patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis associates with lower miRNA-21 levels and concomitant up-regulation of its target genes

Article English OPEN
Ruhrmann, Sabrina; Ewing, Ewoud; Piket, Eliane; Kular, Lara; Cetrulo Lorenzi, Julio Cesar; Fernandes, Sunjay Jude; Morikawa, Hiromasa; Aeinehband, Shahin; Sayols-Baixeras, Sergi; Aslibekyan, Stella; Absher, Devin M; Arnett, Donna K; Tegner, Jesper; Gomez Cabrero Lopez, David; Piehl, Fredrik; Jagodic, Maja;

<p>BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system caused by genetic and environmental factors. DNA methylation, an epigenetic mechanism that controls genome activity, may provide a link between genetic and environment... View more