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  • Publisher: Academica Brâncuşi
  • Journal: Constatin Brancusi University of Targu Jiu Annals - Economy Series, volume 3, issue June, pages 200-204 (issn: 1844-7007, eissn: 1844-7007)
  • Subject: customer relationship management, customer orientation, CRM model, efficiency | efficiency | CRM model | HF1021-1027 | HB71-74 | Economics as a science | Commercial geography. Economic geography | customer orientation | customer relationship management

Customer relationship management refers to establishing, maintaining, developing and optimizing the relations between an organization and its customers and focuses on understanding and meeting its customers’ wishes and demands, the core items of the business strategy of any performant company. This paper aims at designing and testing a model of customer relationship management applicable within a mobile phone company. Starting from this purpose, the main objectives of the research were: presenting the concept of customer relationship management; the importance of companies’ orientation to the market; identifying a model of customer relationship management and, not least, analyzing the efficiency of this model. The results lead to the conclusion that the model of customer relationship management is extremely effective in the mobile phone industry, bringing significant profits.
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