Nutritional habits & cardiovascular disease

Conference object English OPEN
Sampaio, Hélia ; Capitão, Sandra ; Ferro-Lebres, Vera (2010)
  • Publisher: The Academy for Clinical Debates & Controversies in Medicine
  • Subject: Nutritional habits | Cardiovascular disease

An elevated predominance of the risk factors associated to the illnesses of the circulatory system, particurily hypercholesterolemia and arterial hypertension aim for a special attention to its prevention. This way, the composition of the digested food daily can influence the sprouting of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), which has shown association between the risk factors and the things we consume. The present study had an objective to identify the influential factors of social economics and education in the nutritional state and in the sprouting of CVD. There were 234 individuals studied over the age of 18, belonging to a population of the northeast of Portugal. Experienced and trained professionals collected anthropometry facts and carried out an interview where personal information, from personal and social level and relative facts to the normal and daily ingest habits. The total individuals inquired 63% are of the female sex and 37% of the male sex, 37% demonstrate excess weight and 23% Obesity. The married couples, 22% demonstrate risk factors of CVD, 25% that live with family, 5% that live alone, 23% of the individuals with a low education level and 41% of the individuals that are found inactive, present risk factors of CVD. This work reflects the lifestyles and the nutritional habits of the population in study. In conclusion we found that the social economical and educational lifestyles are associated to the presence or absence of risk factors of a cardiovascular disease, influencing the ingest and the BMI of the individuals.
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