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Small-cell comb does not control Varroa mites in colonies of honeybees of European origin

Seeley , Thomas; Griffin , Sean;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2011
  • Publisher: Springer Verlag
International audience; We tested the idea that Varroa destructor can be controlled in colonies of the European subspecies of Apis mellifera by providing them with combs built of small cells, in which immature mites might have difficulty developing for lack of space. We established seven pairs of equal-size colonies that started out equally infested with mites. In each pair, one hive contained only standard-cell (5.4 mm) comb, and the other contained only small-cell (4.8 mm) comb. We measured the colonies' mite loads at monthly intervals across a summer. No differences arose between the two treatment groups in their mean mite loads (mites per 100 worker bees or ...
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publication . Article . 2011

Small-cell comb does not control Varroa mites in colonies of honeybees of European origin

Seeley , Thomas; Griffin , Sean;