Liver-specific deletion of the Plpp3 gene alters plasma lipid composition and worsens atherosclerosis in apoE−/− mice

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Busnelli, Marco; Manzini, Stefano; Hilvo, Mika; Parolini, Cinzia; Ganzetti, Giulia S.; Dellera, Federica; Ekroos, Kim; Jänis, Minna; Escalante-Alcalde, Diana; Sirtori, Cesare R.; Laaksonen, Reijo; Chiesa, Giulia;

The PLPP3 gene encodes for a ubiquitous enzyme that dephosphorylates several lipid substrates. Genome-wide association studies identified PLPP3 as a gene that plays a role in coronary artery disease susceptibility. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of P... View more