Satellite Assessment of Bio-Optical Properties of Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Waters Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

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Lohrenz, Steven E.; Cai, Wei-Jun; Chen, Xiaogang; Tuel, Merritt;
  • Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI)
  • Journal: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), volume 8, issue 7, pages 4,135-4,150 (issn: 1424-8220, eissn: 1424-8220)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/s8074135, pmc: PMC3697166
  • Subject: Gulf of Mexico. | coastal water quality | MODIS Aqua | hurricanes | TP1-1185 | Gulf of Mexico | K_490 | chlorophyll | Ocean color remote sensing | Chemical technology | Article

The impacts of major tropical storms events on coastal waters include sediment resuspension, intense water column mixing, and increased delivery of terrestrial materials into coastal waters. We examined satellite imagery acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spect... View more
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