Research on Multi-leg Inventory Control Based on Passenger Choice

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Fan, Wei ; Su, Qiubo ; Ip, Wai Hung (2014)
  • Publisher: InTech
  • Journal: International Journal of Engineering Business Management, volume 6, issue Godište 2014 (issn: 1847-9790, eissn: 1847-9790)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5772/56956
  • Subject: Management. Industrial management | HD28-70 | Passenger Choice | Seat Allocation | Technological innovations. Automation | Multi-leg | EMSR Model | seat allocation; passenger choice; multi-leg; Expected Marginal Seat Revenue (EMSR) model | HD45-45.2
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To remedy the lack of mathematical programming and the Expected Marginal Seat Revenue (EMSR) model for multi-leg seat inventory control, this paper proposes a method based on passenger choice. Except for data about which seats passengers decide to opt for, there is no n... View more
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