Host-mediated selection impacts the diversity of Plasmodium falciparum antigens within infections.

Article English OPEN
Early, Angela M.; Lievens, Marc; MacInnis, Bronwyn L.; Ockenhouse, Christian F.; Volkman, Sarah K.; Adjei, Samuel; Agbenyega, Tsiri; Ansong, Daniel; Gondi, Stacey; Greenwood, Brian; Hamel, Mary; Odero, Chris; Otieno, Kephas; Otieno, Walter; Owusu-Agyei, Seth; Asante, Kwaku Poku; Sorgho, Hermann; Tina, Lucas; Tinto, Halidou; Valea, Innocent; Wirth, Dyann F.; Neafsey, Daniel E.;

Host immunity exerts strong selective pressure on pathogens. Population-level genetic analysis can identify signatures of this selection, but these signatures reflect the net selective effect of all hosts and vectors in a population. In contrast, analysis of pathogen di... View more