Involvement of right piriform cortex in olfactory familiarity judgments.: Familiarity judgment in olfaction

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Plailly, Jane; Bensafi, Moustafa; Pachot-Clouard, Mathilde; Delon-Martin, Chantal; Kareken, David,; Rouby, Catherine; Segebarth, Christoph; Royet, Jean,;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2004.10.028
  • Subject: MESH: Male | MESH: Smell | MESH: Image Processing, Computer-Assisted | MESH: Reaction Time | [ SDV.NEU ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Neurons and Cognition [q-bio.NC] | Piriform cortex | [SDV.NEU]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Neurons and Cognition [q-bio.NC] | Olfaction | fMRI | MESH : Male | MESH : Functional Laterality | Familiarity judgment | MESH: Adult | MESH : Magnetic Resonance Imaging | MESH : Stimulation, Chemical | MESH: Memory | MESH: Adolescent | MESH : Image Processing, Computer-Assisted | MESH : Smell | MESH: Humans | MESH: Odors | MESH: Respiration | MESH: Stimulation, Chemical | Recognition memory | MESH : Cerebral Cortex | MESH: Magnetic Resonance Imaging | MESH : Memory | MESH: Functional Laterality | MESH : Adult | MESH : Reaction Time | MESH : Humans | MESH : Respiration | MESH : Odors | MESH: Cerebral Cortex | MESH : Adolescent
    mesheuropmc: psychological phenomena and processes | behavioral disciplines and activities | nervous system

International audience; Previous studies have shown activation of right orbitofrontal cortex during judgments of odor familiarity. In the present study, we sought to extend our knowledge about the neural circuits involved in such a task by exploring the involvement of t... View more
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