Waterborne Outbreak of Norwalk-Like Virus Gastroenteritis at a Tourist Resort, Italy

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Boccia, Della; Tozzi, Alberto Eugenio; Cotter, Benvon; Rizzo, Caterina; Russo, Teresa; Buttinelli, Gabriele; Caprioli, Alfredo; Marziano, Maria Luisa; Ruggeri, Franco Maria;
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  • Journal: Emerging Infectious Diseases,volume 8,issue 6,pages563-568 (issn: 1080-6040, eissn: 1080-6059)
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  • Subject: R | RC109-216 | gastroenteritis | Infectious and parasitic diseases | outbreak | Medicine | water | Research | Norwalk-like virus | Italy
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In July 2000, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred at a tourist resort in the Gulf of Taranto in southern Italy. Illness in 344 people, 69 of whom were staff members, met the case definition. Norwalk-like virus (NLV) was found in 22 of 28 stool specimens tested. The ... View more
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