The future of multiple sclerosis treatments

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Coclitu, Catalina ; Constantinescu, Cris S. ; Tanasescu, Radu (2016)

Introduction. There are not many conditions in which the last few decades have brought such a major change in the landscape of treatments as is the case of multiple sclerosis (MS). A number of disease modifying treatments (DMTs) are presently available for the treatment of the inflammatory phase of this disabling disease; however, the need for treating neurodegeneration and halting the progression of disability is still unmet. \ud \ud Areas covered: In this paper we review the available information on existing and emerging DMTs and we discuss their place within the context of different treatment strategies in MS.\ud \ud Expert Commentary: The future of MS treatments should include the development of new treatment strategies tackling disease progression, together with a better understanding of the side-effects and the best sequential strategy of implementation of available and emerging drugs.
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