Cs$_2$InAgCl$_6$: A new lead-free halide double perovskite with direct band gap

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Volonakis, George; Haghighirad, Amir Abbas; Milot, Rebecca L.; Sio, Weng H.; Filip, Marina R.; Wenger, Bernard; Johnston, Michael B.; Herz, Laura M.; Snaith, Henry J.; Giustino, Feliciano;

A$_2$BB$^\prime$X$_6$ halide double perovskites based on bismuth and silver have recently been proposed as potential environmentally-friendly alternatives to lead-based hybrid halide perovskites. In particular, Cs$_2$BiAgX$_6$ (X = Cl, Br) have been synthesized and foun... View more
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