Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from the Hellenic Maritime Sector 1995 - 2002

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Arvanitis S. E.; Stamatopoulos T. V.; Thalassinos E.;
  • Publisher: Transilvania University Press
  • Journal: Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences (issn: 2065-2194)
  • Subject: Male-Female wages | work experience | Economics as a science | Wages -- Effect of education on | Gender pay gap | HB71-74 | Gender Pay Gap, Male-Female Wages, Age, Educational Level, Work Experience, Inferential Non-parametric Statistics | Wages -- Sex differences | educational level | HB1-3840 | Shipping -- Greece | Nonparametric Statistics | age | Economic theory. Demography
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Problem Statement: Gender wage gap has already been researched in the Hellenic (Greek) economy or within its public and private aggregate sectors, but, this was the first study ever done, especially for the maritime sector. Traditionally in Hellas, maritime industry inc... View more
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