Modelling age- and density-related gas exchange of Picea abies canopies in the Fichtelgebirge, Germany

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Falge, Eva; Tenhunen, John; Ryel, Ron; Alsheimer, Martina; Köstner, Barbara;
  • Publisher: Springer Verlag/EDP Sciences
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1051/forest:2000114
  • Subject: biosphere-atmosphere interactions<br>---<br>épicéa | transpiration de la canopée | modèle tridimentionnel STANDFLUX | [ SDV.SA.SF ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Silviculture, forestry | Plant Biology | norway spruce | efficience d'utilisation de la lumière | [SDV.SA.SF]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Silviculture, forestry | xylem sapflow | interaction biosphère-atmosphère | biosphere-atmosphere interactions | flux de sève | canopy transpiration | canopy light use efficiency

International audience; Differences in canopy exchange of water and carbon dioxide that occur due to changes in tree structure and density in montane Norway spruce stands of Central Germany were analyzed with a three dimensional microclimate and gas exchange model STAND... View more
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