Evaluation of Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized Polydimethylsiloxane Based Coatings for In-Tube Solid Phase Microextraction Coupled to Capillary Liquid Chromatography

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Jornet-Martínez, Neus; Serra-Mora, Pascual; Moliner-Martínez, Yolanda; Herráez-Hernández, Rosa; Campíns-Falcó, Pilar;

In the present work, the performance of carbon nanotubes (c-CNTs) functionalized polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based coatings as extractive phases for in-tube solid phase microextraction (IT-SPME) coupled to Capillary LC (CapLC) has been evaluated. Carboxylic-single walle... View more
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