The effect of holding in parent's arms on vital sign of low birth weight infants in incubator

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東, 智恵 ; 鎌倉, 加奈子 ; 藤光, 陽理 ; 中野, 美紀 ; 村橋, 美也子 ; 井本, 清美 (1999)
  • Publisher: 日本新生児看護学会
  • Journal: 日本新生児看護学会誌, volume 6, issue 1, pages 44-50 (issn: 1343-9111)
  • Subject: vital sign | 肌の触れ合い | skin-to-skin contact | 愛着形成支援 | support of making up attachment | 抱っこの開始時期 | 490 | initiating period of carrying | バイタルサイン

It is said that carrying a baby is a natural behavior to parents and is effective for making up attachment and increasing self-knowledge as a parent. A baby in our NICU will be started on cot nursing(transfer to cot from incubator) under some standards for weight, post-... View more
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