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Supersymmetric Majoron inflation

Stephen F. King; Patrick Otto Ludl;
Open Access English
  • Published: 31 Mar 2017
  • Country: United Kingdom
We propose supersymmetric Majoron inflation in which the Majoron field $\Phi$ responsible for generating right-handed neutrino masses may also be suitable for giving low scale "hilltop" inflation, with a discrete lepton number $Z_N$ spontaneously broken at the end of inflation, while avoiding the domain wall problem. In the framework of non-minimal supergravity, we show that a successful spectral index can result with small running together with small tensor modes. We show that a range of heaviest right-handed neutrino masses can be generated, $m_N\sim 10^1-10^{16}$ GeV, consistent with the constraints from reheating and domain walls.
arXiv: High Energy Physics::PhenomenologyGeneral Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
free text keywords: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM, Neutrino Physics, Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity, QC770-798, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Supergravity, Lepton number, Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Majoron, Particle physics, Inflation, media_common.quotation_subject, media_common, Supersymmetry, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Neutrino, Physics
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