Variations on a theme : the role of music in Toni Morrison´s Jazz

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Berre, Tone;
  • Publisher: University of Tromsø
  • Subject: VDP::Humaniora: 000::Litteraturvitenskapelige fag: 040::Engelsk litteratur: 043 | Call-and-Response | Jazz | Repetition | Improvisation | African American music | Blues | Folklore | Identity | ENG-3992 | Work songs | African American Culture | Contemporary African American women´s writing | Toni Morrison

African American music and contemporary African American literature are connected both thematically and structurally. This thesis examines the various ways in which Toni Morrison draws on the cultural traditions of her ancestors, especially blues and jazz music, in crea... View more
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    Theory and Method: Music as an Analytical Category....................................5

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