Different Routes for Conifer- and Sinapaldehyde and Higher Saccharification upon Deficiency in the Dehydrogenase CAD1

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Van Acker, Rebecca; Dejardin, Annabelle; Desmet, Sandrien; Hoengenaert, Lennart; Vanholme, Ruben; Morreel, Kris; Laurans, Françoise; Kim, Hoon; Santoro, Nicholas; Foster, Cliff; Goeminne, Geert; Legée, Frédéric; Lapierre, Catherine; Pilate, Gilles; Ralph, John; Boerjan, Wout;
  • Journal: issn: 0032-0889 1532-2548
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1104/pp.17.00834
  • Subject: Biology and Life Sciences | MONOLIGNOL BIOSYNTHESIS | saccharification | déshydrogénase | LIGNIN | GENE-EXPRESSION | biosynthèse de la lignine | CAFFEOYL SHIKIMATE ESTERASE | expression des gènes | O-METHYLTRANSFERASE ACTIVITY | STATE 2D NMR | TRANSGENIC POPLAR | Biotechnologies | cinnamyl alcool déshydrogénase | populus tremula | populus alba | BIOSYNTHETIC-PATHWAY | teneur en lignine | ARABIDOPSIS-THALIANA | CINNAMYL-ALCOHOL-DEHYDROGENASE | DOWN-REGULATION | peuplier transgénique
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | fungi

In the search for renewable energy sources, genetic engineering is a promising strategy to improve plant cell wall composition for biofuel and bioproducts generation. Lignin is a major factor determining saccharification efficiency and, therefore, is a prime target to e... View more
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