MHC Class II and Non-MHC Class II Genes Differentially Influence Humoral Immunity to Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor and Protective Antigen

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Garman, Lori; Dumas, Eric K.; Kurella, Sridevi; Hunt, Jonathan J.; Crowe, Sherry R.; Nguyen, Melissa L.; Cox, Philip M.; James, Judith A.; Farris, A. Darise;
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  • Subject: MHC class II | genetic background | Medicine | lethal factor | Article | mouse | vaccine | R | antibody response | protective antigen | <i>Bacillus anthracis</i> | Bacillus anthracis
    mesheuropmc: chemical and pharmacologic phenomena

Anthrax Lethal Toxin consists of Protective Antigen (PA) and Lethal Factor (LF), and current vaccination strategies focus on eliciting antibodies to PA. In human vaccination, the response to PA can vary greatly, and the response is often directed toward non-neutralizing... View more
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