Childhood Cataract: Home to Hospital

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Muhit, MA;
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Globally, there are 190,000 children who are blind from cataract.1 Cataract in children may be present at birth (congenital cataract) or may appear anytime during the first few years of life (developmental cataract). Childhood cataract is the most common treatable cause... View more
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    10 Key Messages on Childhood Cataract: What all Health Workers Need to Know

    1. Cataract can occur in babies and children - it is not limited only to the elderly.

    2. A child may be born with cataracts (congenital cataract) or s/he may develop cataracts during the first few years of life (developmental cataract).

    3. Cataracts can run in families, and more than one child in the same family can be affected.

    4. Any parent or carer who notices a white spot in their childÕs eye(s), or who thinks the child cannot see properly, should be taken seriously.

    5. All children with blindness and/or cataract should be referred to an eye doctor for detailed eye examination, diagnosis and treatment as soon as they are detected.

    6. Congenital blindness is treatable when it is due to cataract.

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