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Unitarity Constraints on Dimension-six Operators II: Including Fermionic Operators

Oscar J.P. Eboli; M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia; Tyler Corbett;
Open Access English
  • Published: 25 May 2017
We analyze the scattering of fermions, Higgs and electroweak gauge bosons in order to obtain the partial-wave unitarity bounds on dimension-six effective operators, including those involving fermions. We also quantify whether, at the LHC energies, the dimension-six operators lead to unitarity violation after taking into account the presently available constraints on their Wilson coefficients. Our results show that for most dimension-six operators relevant for the LHC physics there is no unitarity violation at the LHC energies, and consequently, there is no need for the introduction of form factors in the experimental and phenomenological analyses, making them mo...
arXiv: High Energy Physics::PhenomenologyCondensed Matter::Quantum Gases
free text keywords: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Operator (computer programming), Gauge boson, Particle physics, Form factor (quantum field theory), Unitarity, Electroweak interaction, Physics, Fermion, Large Hadron Collider, Higgs boson
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43 references, page 1 of 3
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