LncRNA TUG1 is upregulated and promotes cell proliferation in osteosarcoma

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Yun-Bo, Feng ; Xiao-Po, Liu ; Xiao-Li, Li ; Guo-Long, Cao ; Pei, Zhang ; Fa-Ming, Tian (2016)
  • Publisher: De Gruyter Open
  • Journal: Open Medicine, volume 11, issue 1, pages 163-167 (issn: 2391-5463, eissn: 2391-5463)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC5329818, doi: 10.1515/med-2016-0031
  • Subject: R | Research Article | proliferation | Medicine | AKT | TUG1 | osteosarcoma

Abstract Objective: To examine the expression and function of long non-coding RNA taurine up-regulated 1 (TUG1) in human osteosarcoma cells. Methods: Real-time quantitive PCR was used to detect the transcription level of TUG1 in a series of osteosarcoma cell lines. Knockdown of TUG1 in U2OS cells was carried out by transient transfection of siRNAs. MTT assay was performed to access the cell growth rates. Afterwards, RNA and protein of these cells were extracted to analyze the transfection efficient as well as the expression of other molecules. Results: Compared to the normal cell line, TUG1 exhibited a significant upregulation in osteosarcoma cells. Phenotyping analysis showed the growth-promotion activity of TUG1, since knockdown of TUG1 resulted in declined proliferation. We also found that AKT phosphorylation was impaired after TUG1 was inhibited, suggesting that the AKT pathway was involved in the regulation of TUG1 in U2OS cells. Conclusion: Our data provided evidence that TUG1 was upregulated and acted as a possible oncogene via positively regulating cell proliferation in osteosarcoma cells.
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