Effects of Humidity and Surfaces on the Melt Crystallization of Ibuprofen

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Lee, Dong-Joo ; Lee, Suyang ; Kim, Il Won (2012)
  • Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International
  • Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, volume 13, issue 8, pages 10,296-10,304 (issn: 1422-0067, eissn: 1422-0067)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/ijms130810296, pmc: PMC3431859
  • Subject: Chemistry | melt | surfaces | QD1-999 | crystallization | ibuprofen | humidity | crystallization; ibuprofen; melt; humidity; surfaces | Article | Biology (General) | QH301-705.5

Melt crystallization of ibuprofen was studied to understand the effects of humidity and surfaces. The molecular self-assembly during the amorphous-to-crystal transformation was examined in terms of the nucleation and growth of the crystals. The crystallization was on Al... View more
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