Preferential and Non-Preferential Approaches to Trade Liberalization in East Asia: What Differences Do Utilization Rates and Reciprocity Make?

Research, Preprint OPEN
Menon, Jayant;
  • Publisher: Manila: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Subject: Unilateralism | Unilateralism; multilateralism; regionalism; FTA; reciprocity; utilization rates; CGE models | regionalism | utilization rates | CGE-Modell | F14 | Handelsliberalisierung | F13 | Handelspräferenzen | F17 | reciprocity | multilateralism | CGE models | FTA | Allgemeines Gleichgewicht | Ostasien | Freihandelszone
    • jel: jel:F13 | jel:F17 | jel:F14
      ddc: ddc:330

Previous studies on the impacts of free trade agreements (FTAs) in East Asia have assumed full utilization of preferences. The evidence suggests that this assumption is seriously in error, with the estimated uptake particularly low in East Asia. In this paper, we assume... View more
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