Gender-based Restrictions in Tourism: An Example of the Phenomenon of Avaton in the Modern Socio-cultural Expanse

Article, Conference object English OPEN
Kapilevich, Leonid Vladimirovich ; Karvounis, Y. A. (2015)
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Journal: volume 166, pages 7-11 (issn: 1877-0428)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.12.474
  • Subject: социальные системы | gender restrictions | туризм | orthodox monasticism | Avaton | ограничения | сегрегация | tourism | социально-культурная среда

The article deals with the problems of the impact of tourism, including pilgrimage, on the socio-cultural environment of modern society, changes and reformatting of the gender restrictions of religious content. Investigated the access restrictions based on gender to obj... View more
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