Usage statistics and usage patterns on the NorduGrid: Analyzing the logging information collected on one of the largest production Grids of the world

Conference object English OPEN
Pajchel, K.; Eerola, Paula; Konya, Balazs; Smirnova, Oxana; Erkarslan, U.; Ould-Saada, F.; Ellert, M.; Renner Hansen, J.; Langgard Nielsen, J.; Wäänänen, A.; Ekelöf, T.; Konstantinov, A.;
  • Publisher: CERN
  • Subject: Subatomic Physics | Subatomär fysik | NorduGrid logging information

The Nordic Grid facility (NorduGrid [1]) came into<br /> operation during summer 2002 when the Scandinavian<br /> ATLAS HEP group started to use the Grid for the<br /> ATLAS Data Challenges (DC) and was thus the first Grid<br /> ever contributing to an ATLAS... View more
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