Species selection for smallholder aquaculture

Article OPEN
Brummett, R.E. (1996)
  • Journal: Naga, volume 19, issue 4, pages 19-22
  • Subject: Aquaculture | Cultured organisms, Bioselection, Small scale aquaculture
    • jel: jel:Q00

Systems for selection of species for smallholder aquaculture are presented. These are: food fits; management decisions; and economic criteria. Food fits suggests categorizing pond food resources into a few categories based loosely on the instrinsic traits of food which effect their selectivity by predators. Using management decision techniques, potential polycultures might also be compared with each other and with monoculture. Under economic criteria (and for species known in local markets), one could combine the Ff values of various species under monoculture with their particular market price to get a proper bioeconomic selection index: (marked price x 1/Ff).
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