The Syntax of Relative Clauses in European Portuguese. Extending the Determiner Hypothesis of Relativizers to Relative que

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Rinke, Esther; Aßmann, Elisabeth;
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  • Journal: Journal of Portuguese Linguistics (issn: 1645-4537, eissn: 2397-5563)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5334/jpl.172
  • Subject: demonstratives | Syntax | relative clauses | DP-structure | P101-410 | European Portuguese | determiners | European Portuguese; relative clauses; determiners; demonstratives; DP-structure | Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar
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This paper discusses the syntax of relative clauses in European Portuguese (EP) by focussing on the status of the relativizer 'que 'in restrictive and appositive relative clauses. We propose a unified account of 'que 'in terms of a D-element and discuss the syntactic im... View more
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