Social metabolism in Czech and Czechoslovak territory in historical perspective

Doctoral thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Kušková, Petra (2011)
  • Subject: environmental history; ekologická stopa; environmentální dějiny; land use; Czechoslovakia; Czechia; Československo; ecological footprint; Česko; materiálové a energetické toky (MEFA); Material and Energy Flow Analysis (MEFA); sociální metabolismus; využití území; social metabolism

This dissertation is based on the conceptual framework of social metabolism and it applies methods of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint. It studies interactions between human activities and natural environment in Czech/Czechoslovak territory from the historical perspective (after the division of Czechoslovakia for Czechia and Slovakia together). The term of social metabolism is a metaphor inspired by biology. Society or human economy similarly to a living organism which extracts materials from the earth, processes biophysical materials to maintain itself and emits its wastes back. So the economic system functions in an analogy to a living organism and those processes are called "social" or "industrial" metabolism. This dissertation comprises seven individual empirical studies: (I) An introduction to a research topic covered in following articles. It is based on the work of leading world environmental historian and it interprets selected Czech realities within the context of the world environmental history. (II) The historical series of MEFA indicators together with ecological footprint. (III) An article which applies the ecological footprint method on the ecological farm in comparison to conventional agriculture in the context of more foreign studies on this topic. (IV) An...
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