Bucket Brigades to Increase Productivity in a Luxury Assembly Line

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De Carlo, Filippo; Borgia, Orlando; Tucci, Mario;
  • Publisher: InTech
  • Journal: International Journal of Engineering Business Management,volume 5,issue Godište 2013 (issn: 1847-9790, eissn: 1847-9790)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5772/56837
  • Subject: Management. Industrial management | HD28-70 | Bucket Brigades; Assembly Line; Production Optimization; Handbag Packaging

One of the most challenging issues in manual assembly lines is to achieve the best balance of workloads. There are many analytic approaches to solve this problem, but they are often neglected, since they are time-consuming and require high level engineering skills. Fash... View more
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