Currency wars

Bachelor thesis, Article English OPEN
Vicente Martí, Laura;
  • Publisher: Universitat Jaume I
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s10272-010-0354-3
  • Subject: Devaluation | Exports | Exportaciones | Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Accounting | Políticas monetarias | Grado en Finanzas y Contabilidad | Tipo de cambio | Banco Central | Monetary policy | Devaluación | Grau en Finances i Comptabilitat | Central Bank | Quantitative easing | Exchange rate | Flexibilización cuantitativa
    • ddc: ddc:330

Treball final de Grau en Finances i Comptabilitat. Codi: FC1049. Curs academic 2015-2016 A currency war (also known as the competitive depreciation or a policy of impoverish the neighbor) occurs when a country wants to obtain a competitive advantage which improve its... View more
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