The Influence of Marketing Scholarship’s Legacy on Nonprofit Marketing

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Walter Wymer (2013)
  • Publisher: Basel: MDPI
  • Journal: International Journal of Financial Studies, volume 1, issue 3 9, pages 1-17 (issn: 2227-7072)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/ijfs1030102
  • Subject: marketing history | nonprofit marketing | nonprofit marketing research | nonprofit marketing scholarship | M39 | L39 | marketing history; marketing theory; nonprofit marketing; nonprofit marketing scholarship; nonprofit marketing research | HG1-9999 | Finance | marketing theory
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This inquiry contributes to the literature on the development of “nonprofit marketing thought” by describing how the field’s early period established a legacy effect on nonprofit marketing scholarship to the present day. This qualitative work uses a wide variety of sources from a protracted historical period in order to more fully inform a perspective on the relevant issues that have influenced the development of nonprofit marketing scholarship. The investigation suggests that, although the debate on whether or not marketing is a science was nominally resolved years ago, the origins of marketing scholarships as an applied business discipline remain influential. The effects on this influence is a body of research that is fragmented, conflicted, sometimes invalid, and has produced few general theories indicative of a social science. Recommendations are offered for improving the quality of nonprofit marketing scholarship.
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