(Non-) behavioral economics: a programmatic assessment

Research, Preprint English OPEN
Güth, Werner (2007)
  • Publisher: Universität Jena und Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik Jena
  • Subject: A11 | Experimental and Behavioral Economics | Verhaltensökonomik | Lernprozess | Test | Learning | Satisficing | (Un)Bounded rationality, Satisficing, Learning, Experimental and Behavioral Economics | (Un)Bounded rationality | C91 | Beschränkte Rationalität | B41 | B52 | C72
    • jel: jel:A11 | jel:C91 | jel:B41 | jel:B52 | jel:C72

Economic theory has evolved without paying proper attention to behavioral approaches, especially to social, economic, and cognitive psychology. This has recently changed by including behavioral economics courses in many doctoral study programs. Although this new develop... View more
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