DCASE 2017 Challenge setup: Tasks, datasets and baseline system

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Mesaros , Annamaria; Heittola , Toni; Diment , Aleksandr; Elizalde , Benjamin; Shah , Ankit; Vincent , Emmanuel; Raj , Bhiksha; Virtanen , Tuomas;
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  • Subject: Sound event detection | [ INFO.INFO-TS ] Computer Science [cs]/Signal and Image Processing | [INFO.INFO-TS]Computer Science [cs]/Signal and Image Processing | Sound scene analysis | Acoustic scene classification | Audio tagging | Weak labels | Rare sound events

International audience; DCASE 2017 Challenge consists of four tasks: acoustic scene classification , detection of rare sound events, sound event detection in real-life audio, and large-scale weakly supervised sound event detection for smart cars. This paper presents the... View more
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