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Human caspase-1 autoproteolysis is required for ASC-dependent and -independent inflammasome activation

Daniel P. Ball; Darren C. Johnson; Daniel A. Bachovchin; Daniel A. Bachovchin; Cornelius Y. Taabazuing; Ilana B. Kotliar; Elizabeth L. Orth; Andrew R. Griswold; Sahana D. Rao;
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  • Published: 24 Jun 2019
  • Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>Pathogen-related signals induce a number of cytosolic pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) to form canonical inflammasomes, which activate pro-caspase-1 and trigger pyroptotic cell death. All well-studied PRRs oligomerize with the pro-caspase-1-adapter protein ASC to generate a single large structure in the cytosol, which induces the autoproteolysis and activation of the pro-caspase-1 zymogen. However, several PRRs can also directly interact with pro-caspase-1 without ASC, forming much smaller “ASC-independent” inflammasomes. It is currently thought that pro-caspase-1 autoproteolysis does not occur during, and is not requ...
Medical Subject Headings: animal diseases
free text keywords: Receptor, Programmed cell death, Chemistry, Inflammasome, medicine.drug, medicine, Cell biology, NLRP1, Zymogen, Pyroptosis, Cytosol, Caspase 1
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