Conference report: 18th conference on computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQD) 2016: MAXQDA user conference

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Galan-Diaz, Carlos;
  • Publisher: Institut für Qualitative Forschung
  • Journal: Forum: Qualitative Social Research (issn: 1438-5627)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.17169/fqs-18.1.2786
  • Subject: conference | software | data | qualitative software | MAXQDA | Analyse | Methods and Techniques of Data Collection and Data Analysis, Statistical Methods, Computer Methods | computer-assisted qualitative data analysis | qualitative data analysis; qualitative software; MAXQDA; mixed methods; conference; computer-assisted qualitative data analysis; CAQD | CAQD | research methods | qualitative data analysis | Sozialwissenschaften, Soziologie | qualitative Methode | qualitative method | mixed methods | qualitative Datenanalyse; qualitative Software; MAXQDA; Mixed Methods; Tagung; Computer-gestützte qualitative Datenanalyse; CAQD | analysis | Daten | CAQD; Computer-gestützte qualitative Datenanalyse; MAXQDA; Mixed Methods; computer-assisted qualitative data analysis; qualitative data analysis; qualitative software | Social sciences (General) | H1-99 | Erhebungstechniken und Analysetechniken der Sozialwissenschaften | Social sciences, sociology, anthropology
    • ddc: ddc:300

During the first week of March 2016, 120 researchers from 12 different countries, including Syria, Japan, the USA and Turkey, met in Berlin (Germany) to learn more about their computer-assisted qualitative data analysis skills. The 18th Conference on Computer-Assisted Q... View more
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