Using ECPs for Interactive Applications in Virtual Cinematography

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Wu , Hui-Yin; Li , Tsai-Yen; Christie , Marc; (2017)
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  • Subject: ACM : I.: Computing Methodologies/I.2: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/I.2.10: Vision and Scene Understanding | ACM : I.: Computing Methodologies/I.3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS/I.3.7: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism/I.3.7.0: Animation | [ INFO.INFO-AI ] Computer Science [cs]/Artificial Intelligence [cs.AI] | assisted creativity | [ INFO.INFO-GR ] Computer Science [cs]/Graphics [cs.GR] | animation | cinematography

International audience; This paper introduces an interactive application of our previous work on the Patterns language as creative assistant for editing cameras in 3D virtual environments. Patterns is a set of vocabulary, which was inspired by professional film practice... View more
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