Upgrade for Phase II of the Gerda experiment

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Agostini, M.; Bakalyarov, A. M.; Balata, M.; Barabanov, I.; Baudis, L.; Bauer, C.; Bellotti, E.; Belogurov, S.; Belyaev, S. T.; Benato, G.; Bettini, A.; Bezrukov, L.; Bode, T.; Borowicz, D.; Brudanin, V.; Brugnera, R.; Caldwell, A.; Cattadori, C.; Chernogorov, A.; D’Andrea, V.; Demidova, E. V.; Di Marco, N.; Domula, A.; Doroshkevich, E.; Egorov, V.; Falkenstein, R.; Frodyma, N.; Gangapshev, A.; Garfagnini, A.; Grabmayr, P.; ... view all 114 authors
  • Publisher: SpringerOpen
  • Journal: European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields,volume 78,issue 5 (issn: 1434-6044, eissn: 1434-6052)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-018-5812-2
  • Subject: Settore FIS/05 - Astronomia e Astrofisica | Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors | QC770-798 | physics.ins-det | Settore FIS/01 - Fisica Sperimentale | Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity | Astrophysics | nucl-ex | Nuclear Experiment | Engineering (miscellaneous); Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) | QB460-466

Abstract The Gerda collaboration is performing a sensitive search for neutrinoless double beta decay of $$^{76}\hbox {Ge}$$ 76Ge at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Italy. The upgrade of the Gerda experiment from Phase I to Phase II has been concluded in De... View more