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Association of repeatedly measured intermediate risk factors for complex diseases with high dimensional SNP data

Waaijenborg, Sandra; Zwinderman, Aeilko H;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 2010 Journal: Algorithms for Molecular Biology (issn: 1748-7188, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: BMC
  • Country: Netherlands
<p>Abstract</p> <p>Background</p> <p>The causes of complex diseases are difficult to grasp since many different factors play a role in their onset. To find a common genetic background, many of the existing studies divide their population into controls and cases; a classification that is likely to cause heterogeneity within the two groups. Rather than dividing the study population into cases and controls, it is better to identify the phenotype of a complex disease by a set of intermediate risk factors. But these risk factors often vary over time and are therefore repeatedly measured.</p> <p>Results</p> <p>We introduce a method to associate multiple repeatedly mea...
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NIH| Genetic Analysis of Common Diseases: An Evaluation
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  • Project Code: 5R01GM031575-22
  • Funder: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
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