Concept of contracting authority

Master thesis Lithuanian OPEN
Kasiliauskaitė, Vitalija (2016)
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Concept of Contracting Authority Law on Public Procurement the procurement concept implies the conclusion that public procurement be declared only such purchases are carried out by the contracting authority. The contracting authorities can be a subject of state and municipal management institutes, whose assignment authority is determined by a functional approach. Also, contracting authorities may be public and legal entities, but that the public interest and operates non-commercial activities. Public Procurement Act provides for mandatory and optional criteria to be met by any public or private legal person, it would be recognized by the contracting authority. legal person, its business or part of it has designed specifically for the public interest, which are commercial or industrial in nature, satisfying; The criteria relate to the activities of 50 percent funded by the state and municipal budget funds, controlled and maintenance criteria. Authorities are classical sector and utilities sector by contracting authorities. The classical sector is state and local government authorities. Contracting authorities concepts of the problem is mainly due to the public interest determination, non-commercial and non-industrial activity detection and determination of funding.
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