Nano Copper Oxide-Modified Carbon Cloth as Cathode for a Two-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell

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Dong, Feng; Zhang, Peng; Li, Kexun; Liu, Xianhua; Zhang, Pingping; (2016)
  • Publisher: MDPI
  • Journal: Nanomaterials,volume 6,issue 12 (issn: 2079-4991, eissn: 2079-4991)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC5302713, doi: 10.3390/nano6120238
  • Subject: Chemistry | QD1-999 | nanocatalyst | copper | electrodeposition | cathode | microbial fuel cells | Article

In this work, Cu2O nanoparticles were deposited on a carbon cloth cathode using a facile electrochemical method. The morphology of the modified cathode, which was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) tests, showed that the... View more
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