Measuring absolute spin polarization in dissolution-DNP by Spin PolarimetrY Magnetic Resonance (SPY-MR)

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Vuichoud, Basile; Milani, Jonas; Chappuis, Quentin; Bornet, Aurélien; Bodenhausen, Geoffrey; Jannin, Sami;
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  • Journal: Journal of Magnetic Resonance,volume 260,pages127-135 (issn: 1090-7807)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.jmr.2015.09.006
  • Subject: Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization | Spy spin | Condensed Matter Physics | Biochemistry | NMR spectroscopy | Hyperpolarization | [ CHIM.ANAL ] Chemical Sciences/Analytical chemistry | Spin temperature | Direct measurement of polarization | Biophysics | [CHIM.ANAL]Chemical Sciences/Analytical chemistry | Nuclear and High Energy Physics

Dynamic nuclear polarization at 1.2 K and 6.7 T allows one to achieve spin temperatures on the order of a few millikelvin, so that the high-temperature approximation (Delta E < kT) is violated for the nuclear Zeeman interaction Delta E = gamma B(0)h/(2 pi) of most isoto... View more
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